A seventh designer boarded Fleur de Passion in Papeete early September 2016 as part of the cultural program of the Expedition: In Magellan’s mirror. Ambroise Héritier, from Granois near Sion, swapped the mountains of the Valais for other peaks, those of the South Pacific atolls between Tahiti and Fiji. And in a striking play of lights and shadows, he offers us a first dazzling vision of the island of Moorea, captured only a few hours after departure. Somewhere between sunrise and sunset, we cannot tell.

The ridges cut into a sky in a palette of greys that echoes the blackness of the water of, perhaps, an early morning. It is for us to decide. One can already feel the intensity of the sun, somewhere behind the island.

From Tahiti, Ambrose will stay on board until Fiji via the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga. So he can carry us for long while yet in this journey of salty sea revisited.