Youth at sea

The "Youth at sea" socio-educational programme will enable dozens of teenagers and young adults from French-speaking Switzerland to spend time on board as part of reintegration programmes or to gain experience of life at sea, in groups or individually, as ship's hands who will form an integral part of the crew.

Working together

Whether for a week, a month or longer, they will all embark as full-time crew members on a sailing boat dedicated to "working together", in order to experience the demands of life on board, and even more importantly, also to discover the high seas, as well as other people, and themselves. They will participate fully in life on board, in the manoeuvring of the vessel, and in activities relating to the other programmes such as the taking of samples under the Micromégas project.

For those of them facing problems in their lives, the aim is for them to turn a corner and lay the groundwork for a brighter future, and thus make a new start once back on land.