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For The Ocean Mapping Expedition coming from a « landlocked » country like Switzerland, being invited for a presentation at the Queensland Maritime Museum was something quite special. And the team who took part to the event was more than happy to share this unique experience of sailing around the world in the wake of Magellan, on Saturday 18 Mars, while the other crew members had unfortunately to stay on watch on board Fleur de Passion, who had just docked in the center of Brisbane that same day. They were more than happy and a bit proud, considering the size of such a vast « sea locked » country as Australia and its impressive maritime heritage.

Beyond these geographical considerations and from a more human perspective, we could nevertheless feel some kind of astonishment and obvious consideration for this Swiss expedition and the stunning history of Fleur de Passion from the people attending the presentation, mainly Aussies and museum members. And because Switzerland is actually a country much more connected to the high seas then one could think and to celebrate this meeting of minds that day at the museum, a new item will now be features in the exhibition rooms: an official drawing made by Swiss illustrator and cartoonist Tom Tirabosco, offered by the Fondation Pacifique vice-president Samuel Gardaz to QMM Executive Director Ian Jempson.