Ship's log

The Ocean Mapping Expedition returned to Tahiti in mid-August after Fleur de Passion sailed to the Tuamotu Archipelago, northeast of French Polynesia. This trip was a perfect opportunity for some families that travelled from Switzerland, to join the adventure and share the spirit of this unique expedition.

The Expedition has now spent almost three months in the region - first in the Austral Islands (Rurutu and Tubuai), then Bora Bora and finally in the Tuamotus. This navigation allowed to collect new surface water samples and sound recordings in the framework of Micromégas programs on plastic pollution and picking 20,000 sounds beneath the sea of ocean noise pollution. It is now time to gradually prepare to carry on with the Pacific crossing, beginning early September. The two young interns, Aiman and William, returned to Geneva after two months on board and will be replaced by a group of teenagers through the socio-educational program “Youth at Sea” in partnership with the Pacific Association. And a seventh designer, Ambroise Héritier from the Valais region in Switzerland, will take over from Isabelle Pralong.