Ship's log

First nights at sea and last moorings for the crew of Fleur de Passion before continuing into the Pacific crossing, as reflected in the logbook.

Moorea - Huahine

After a first anchorage at Cook Bay on Moorea just after leaving Tahiti, Friday 2 September 2016, a first night at sea in direction to Huahine is proving challenging for the entire crew. The night is beautiful, the wind in good range. The watches are set for the coming days. But soon, the team members feel the lack of point of reference and a long night of suffering begins for the six newcomers, victims of seasickness requiring attention at all times from the rest of the crew. As a result, the night is short for everyone!

Huahine - Bora Bora

We arrived Saturday 3 September 3 around 14:00 hrs in Huahine. After two mooring changes, we are able to visit the town. The following night is calm and soothing and sailing towards Raiatea and then Tahaa, the next day, much better tolerated by all. We enter the shimmering lagoon of Raiatea which amazes us. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Bora Bora is off in the distance, we'll get there sailing at nightfall with a beautiful sunset for an entry in the night passes. At 21:00 hrs on the dot wee anchored in thirty meters deep in a place spared from the wind gusts. The night is mild and restorative before the real start to the second part of the Pacific crossing.

to Roratonga

Monday 5 September, the last postcards are sent, a little bit of the blues hits the younger crowd after a final contact with Switzerland and their relatives for the next several days. At 15:00 hrs, we weighed anchor. The first crossing to Rarotonga ahead in ideal weather. Force 4-5 SE veering NE-N before a depression with strong South swell that we will spend at the port of Avatiu. We have 600 miles to go in four days. "Nana," goodbye in Tahitian.