Ship's log

The crossing of the Pacific is over!! Fleur de Passion arrived on Monday 14 November around 6PM local time (9am in Geneva) at Rivergate, the marina on the right bank of the Brisbane River, at the end of its voyage from New Caledonia. For The Ocean Mapping Expedition, this is the end of seven months of crossing the Pacific Ocean, that begun in Chile last April. This stopover marks above all the accomplishment of the demi tour of the world since the departure of the expedition from Seville on 13 April 2015, almost nineteen months to the day. What an amazing journey since that Andalusian night that saw the sailboat depart on the black waters of the Guadalquivir! The muddy ones of the Brisbane River, are brownish. And while the ship still has to fulfil the entry formalities to the Down Under country, all the crew is confined on board, but visibly happy to have arrived after the last 11 days at sea.