The Ocean Mapping Expedition left the Philippines for good in February 2018 and while Fleur de Passion is sailing down South-West from Brunei towards Singapore along the North coast of Borneo, it’s high time to share at last some of the drawings made by the latest to date of the eleven illustrators who took part so far in the cultural program of the expedition, « In the mirror of Magellan ». Namely: Maurane Mazars, a representative of the young avant-garde cartoonists « made in Geneva » (although she’s French), laureate in 2015 of the « Prix pour la Jeune Bande Dessinée du Canton de Genève » among other prizes.

Maurane embarked in Mactan the very last day of December 2017 and spent two weeks on board while Fleur de Passion went sailing around in the Visayas, the central region of the Philippines. South towards Dumaguette then East towards Leyte and above all Limasawa, a tiny islet where Magellan landed for the first time in the Philippines in March 1521 after his crossing of the Pacific Ocean - and where he « incidentally » celebrated his first mass in the country…

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